Malls & Shopping Centers

Our precise, visitor journey path and demographic analytics platform generates the most actionable and cost-effective understanding of the visitor journey throughout your property. These insights help drive decisions and actions that improve tenant acquisition and tenant success.

Our patented, GDPR & CCPA complaint, sensors detect & anonymously track any device with a WiFi radio (mobile phone – tablet). We then convert this empirical data, collected by our premise sensors, into actionable insights.


Malls & Shopping Centers Journeying

Visitor Insights

Number of visitors that entered your property

What stores did they enter? New versus repeat visitors

When did they enter and leave (time of day, day of week, dwell time)?

What is the demographic profile of visitors?

How did they interact on your property?

  • Tenants visited
  • Storefronts passed by
  • One and done or multiple tenants visited

Example Actions

Identify impact of mall/center marketing activities on traffic counts

Help tenants better position their window displays to capture more walk-by traffic

Evaluate and justify rental rates based on actual visitor flow

Target new tenant acquisition, based on existing visiting demographics

Optimize parking lot management based on actual traffic flow, time spent, & counts by tenant

Shopper Insights for Malls and Shopping Centers